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Oroma Elewa is a visual and performance artist creating work and telling stories through photography, performance and art.

Driven by a need to tell beautiful, nuanced stories of Africa, Oroma Elewa launched the publication, Pop’Africana (2009-2014) to deliver a rejuvenated image of Africa, then unseen in magazines. Through Pop’Africana, Oroma brought a visual discourse on contemporary African ideas in style and aesthetics to the forefront. The publication engaged a market that had been severely ill-served and under represented driving accolades from the likes of Vogue, The Independent, Sundance, Fader, Dazed and many others.

Today, the artist is taking a more personal approach to this need: telling stories inspired by her own cultural experiences, and exploring how these experiences impact identity, thought, expression and behavior.Oroma lives and works in New York City.
  • Samuji Talks / Identity
  • Williams College / Clothes & Class
  • YALE / The New African Idenity
  • MOCADA / African Fashion Today