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Oroma Elewa is a visual and a performance artist who creates work through writing, drawings, photograpy, film and performance inspired by transnational and cultural experiences.

Driven by a need to tell beautiful, nuanced stories of Africa, Oroma Elewa launched the publication, Pop’Africana (2009-2014) to deliver a rejuvenated image of Africa, then unseen in magazines. Through Pop’Africana, Oroma brought a visual discourse on contemporary African ideas in style and aesthetics to the forefront. The publication engaged a market that had been severely ill-served and under represented driving accolades from the likes of Vogue, The Independent, Sundance, Fader, Dazed and many others.

Today, the artist is taking a more personal approach to this need: telling stories inspired by her own cultural experiences, and exploring how these experiences impact identity, thought, expression and behavior through storytelling and performance. Oroma lives and works in New York City.
  • Samuji Talks / Identity
  • Williams College / Clothes & Class
  • YALE / The New African Idenity
  • MOCADA / African Fashion Today
  • The Lee Strasberg Institute for Film & Theater