ARTICLES & PRESS ‘10 Artist to Watch’ April 2024
Sandrine Holiissa, ‘ A Band of Girls, ‘Corporate Ashawo’, In Situ Fabienne LeClerc, August 2023

Juliette Amoros, Seven exhibitions to see this spring from Paris to New York,, March 2023

Olympe Lemut, Les cinq expositions d’artistes africains à nepas manquer, Jeune Africa, March 2023
Patrick Javault, Corporate Ashawo, The Art Newspaper Édition Francaise, March 2023
Anael Pigeat, Togethering by Otobong Nganga, The Art Newspaper Édition Francaise, January 2022

Art Forum, Print, July/August 2020 ‘Project Oroma Elewa’