What is it?

What is it?

Why do so many want it? Cry and have many sleepless nights over it?
It has become a breeding ground for jealousy and a major cause of anxiety.
For it, some are esteemed but for many, however it is the root of all disrespect and dishonor.

It has given way to unimaginable pain. Despite this, there are those who will work hard for it. Some downright sleep their way to it, alter themselves for it for there is no longer shame in it.
It is unmistakably a phenomenon. Songs are sung about it. It has become the unwritten code that is implied in every desire to be.

You too have thought of it. Though no one has ever shown you exactly how to find it, you’ve thought of ways to attain it.  And you can blame them for hoarding it when there is such ungodly secrecy that surrounds it?. It is a cult.

At some point however, it will not matter how you get it, you would simply be expected to have it.
It is what the world sees. It is what the world respects. It is what the world expects.

You know exactly what it is. You were thinking about it this entire read down.

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