• Oroma Elewa is a multidisciplinary artist & performer.

    She is Nigerian born, and currently resides in New York.

    She is primarily self-taught, with formal training as a method actor from the Lee Strasberg Theatre and Film Institute in New York

    Her first foray into creative practice was as the creative director and publisher of Pop’Africana from 2009 - 2015. Through the medium of the ‘editorial’, the artist engaged the black body as a vehicle for commentary on black dynamism, style & aesthetics, transnationalism and cultural power.

    These questions and the medium of the 'editorial, the image' continue to factor within her current practice in video and performance; with her ‘own’ body and experiential narratives as muse. Here, her body becomes the ‘bearer’ and ‘location’ to navigate the artist’s internal world, evolving plural identities, complex realities, sexuality and eroticism, the tensions of transnationalism and personal notions of contemporary womanhood.
    Text, sound and technology have a critical presence within her work.
    Text is the starting point and foundation. It is explored in written format, spoken and unspoken, with or without melodic form; creating aural and textual landscapes that brings layers of intensity and depth to the work. Even movement, an emotional and meditative exercise, becomes, for the artist, unspoken dialogue.
    Sound, in of itself, becomes a byproduct of her body interacting with objects being moved, shaken and stirred; resonant in the spaces her body occupies within the boundaries of her performance.
    Technology, another critical element, allows the artist to manipulate her visual and aural landscape; slowing down or speeding up the playback to bring attention to the emotive and aesthetic texture of her work. Furthermore, every object visible in her videos and performances are sculptural conceptions by the artist for the framing and composition of the work.

    The results of these explorations are multi-sensory artefacts and installations presented through a prism of clean lines and elegant photographic composition, a hallmark of the artist’s personal aesthetic sensibilities, right from the very beginning of her practice.

    Written by artists collaborator and closest confidante, Mobolaji Otuyelu

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