Crushed Guava Leaves is a multi-part project that explores transnationalism. It is the transnational African cosmopolitan lens applied to performance. It is performance as play, as identity, as politics, as language and as mannerism. It is a collection of experiential narratives primed for sound and movement, on stage and film.  It is a collection of short stories – cultural snapshots – borne out of my memories, dreams, encounters, conversations, and observations.  Each piece ranges in heft and weight, from detailed recounting to fleeting impressions. Yet all invite reflection on the canon of performance art – on what can be performed and what is valuable material for cultural performance.  Crushed Guava Leaves is an invitation to immerse in an evocative textual and aural landscape inspired by my remembrances and of the beauty and tensions of African transnationalism. 

Crushed Guava Leaves
( Primer / Text Only)
by Oroma Elewa
30 Stories

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